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My mission is to improve environmental health by pushing the boundaries of research and innovation. I apply high throughput sequencing technologies and AI to understand the impact of environmental change on freshwater ecosystems. I work with ghost DNA and resurrected crustaceans to identify the causes of biodiversity loss and the mechanisms of evolution that allow species to persist.

I love multidisciplinary science and thinking out of the box. This thinking has led me to patent and commercialize a water reclamation and waste valorization technology that meets the net-zero carbon emission goals and delivers clean water to all. By translating cutting-edge multidisciplinary science into practical applications, I provide tools and processes for mitigation interventions that enable green growth and meet UN developmental goals.

Luisa Orsini 

Professor of Evolutionary Systems Biology and Environmental Omics

Alan Turing Fellow

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Co-founder and CEO of Daphne Water Solutions

Founder and CTO of EnviSion, University of Birmingham Enterprise

School of Biosciences and Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Science and AI

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, B15 2TT, United Kingdom

In the news 

Revolutionary technology removes 'forever chemicals' from wastewater

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